1.Objective of the contest:
•establishing a platform for artistic communication, for making and strengthening friendships between talents from different countries around the world, bolstering cultural exchange;
• boostingthe integration of world music cultures and enriching the repertoire of choreographic art;
• development of traditions of the national music cultures;
•Folk dances –dances of peoples all around the world compete in this nomination.
• A stylized folk dance –performances including mainly folk choreography, as well as choreography of other dance styles and trends compete in this nomination.
•A contemporary pop dance –dances with and without story lines compete in this nomination. There can be a combination of several modern styles in one production. •Street dance show –dance performances which represent the following styles can compete in the nomination Hip-hop, Disco, Techno, Tecktonik,LA-style, Jazz-funk, С-walk, Break dance, Popping, Locking, Vogue, Waakingand other modern trends.
•Oriental dance –performances, which represent all trends of oriental dances, compete in this nomination.
•Ballroom dances –only team performances (teams of 4 or more people), which are based on a ballroom choreography, can participate in this nomination.
•Contemporary, Modern, Jazz –the following dance styles compete in the nomination: modern, jazz-modern, contemporary, afro-jazz, contemporary jazz.•Free dances category –there are no style limitations in this category. Different age groups can participate in one dance.
•Pop and circus show –stage performances, which include elements of circus numbers –acrobatics, gymnastics, juggling, pantomime, slapstick and etc., compete in the nomination.
•Classics, Demi classics–performances based on classical choreography compete in this nomination. As a whole, they include the elements of classical ballet, but they can also be modified so that they differ considerably from the classical norms.
3.Programme•Choreographic teams present a programme of 2 items in one nomination (no longer than 4 minutes each!).
•The items and performances in each age category are not compared with each other; the techniques and skillsare assessed in each style separately.
4.Age categories:
1stcategory –baby –between 3 and 6 years of age
2ndcategory –from the age of 7 up to and including 9
3rdcategory –from the age of 10 up to and including 12
4th category –from the age of 13 up to and including 14
5thcategory –from the age of 15 up to and including 18
6thcategory –from the age of 19 up to and including 25
7thcategory –from the age of 26 and above
8thcategory (mixed) –teams of different age groups can be formed
5. Regulations The announcement of the results of the competition and the rewarding of all participants in the competition will occur at the gala concert of the Grand Closing Ceremony. Diplomas will not be issued and results will not be announced ahead ofthe gala concert. Diplomas and prizeswill not be sent to the participants after the competition. Laureates of each nomination, who will be selected by the jury, will take part in the gala concert of the Grand Closing Ceremony.
6.JuryIt consists of 3 experienced choreographs, who have been appointed by the organisers.
7.Prizes GRAND PRIX –golden statuette for the best team
• The following prizes will be awardedper each category (there can be more than one prize winner per each place) • 1stplace: Golden Diploma, 2ndplace: Silver Diploma, 3rdplace –Bronze Diploma
.• The remaining teams will receive diplomas for their participation in the contest
2.07:competition programme
3.07: competition programme
4.07: master class
5.07: an excursion to the Botanical Garden, in accordance with a timetable
6.07: gala concert and rewarding
07.07:free time, evening disco

8.Participation costs:
PACKAGE 1 : 25 euros. The price includes participation in a creative theatrical plein air.
PACKAGE 2 : 215 euros. The price includes: Accommodation for 5 nights, meals, breakfasts and dinners, excursion to the Botanical Garden, wine tasting, master classes, participation in the plein air, souvenirs, disco
10.General terms Participants must fill ill the application form on the website or send it to the following address:https://talents21.org/The deadline for submitting application forms is 20/05/2022

There will be a voluntary excursion to Cape Kaliakra, which will cost 10 euro, and another one to Nessebar –25 euro.
ou must register at https://talents21.org/our phones: +35952918250; Viber/WhatsApp +359895112614 (русский язык)our page facebook -https://www.facebook.com/svetlana.talents21e.mail –talents21@yahoo.com
Applications are now open!!!!!