II FOLK MUSIC AWARD-2022 with in the frame work of the Folk Music 2022 contest (03/09/2022 - 08/09/2022)


with in the frame work of the Folk Music 2022 contest
International Center ‘TALENTS OF THE 21ST CENTURY’ Bulgaria
(03/09/2022 – 8/09/2022)

Date: 03/09/2022 – 08/09/2022
Host town and country: Balchik, Bulgaria
Application deadline: 25/08/2022

PARTICIPATION TERMS for the Folk Music 2022 contest:
1. The folk programme must not exceed 8 minutes.
2. The awards in the ‘Folk Musik 2021’ contest will be Laureat I , II , III и GRAND PRIX.
3. The following prizes have been provided: a team cup, a team diploma, a medal for each of the participants.
4. GRAND PRIX – prize money and a golden statuette
5. The jury is composed of leading experts in the field of folklore from different countries

1. Participants must have the flag of the country, which they represent.
2. There are no limitations as to the number and age of the participants.
3. A support group can join each team.
4. If you want to join the contest, you must register at https://talents21.org/ in the following categories:
A) Groups performing folk songs, authentic folklore (choirs and ensembles)
B) Folk song groups, modern arrangement of folk music (choirs and ensembles)
D) Folk dance groups, contemporary presentation of folk dances (folk dance groups, ensembles)
E) Mixed folk ensembles – authentic performance (live performance of vocalists, instruments and dances)
F) Mixed folk teams – arranged performances (live performance of vocalists, instruments and dances)
G) Groups of folk instrumental music; folk music (ensembles and orchestras)
H) Groups of folk traditions; reproductions (folk groups, ensembles)
*All categories are split into two age groups: below 18 and 18 and above.

THE INTERNATIONAL MUSIC PREMIUM ‘FOLK MUSIC AWARD - 2022’ is awarded after the results of the ‘Folk Music 2022’ contest are announced.
The music award includes the following nominations:
- for the best performance of a duet
- for the best solo performance
- for the best group performance
- for outstanding contribution in the development of folklore
- a special award for promoting folklore
- a breakthrough of the year
- for the most attractive artist in the contest
- for the best male performance in the programme of the contest
- for the best female performance in the programme of the contest
- a special prize for an exclusive stage costume

03/09/2022 – accommodation at the hotel. Registration. Evening – audition.
04/09/2022 – Audition. An excursion to the Botanical Garden, including wine tasting free of charge;
05/09/2022 – Audition. A dance party.
06/09/2022 – A gala concert (a stage on the sea coast), an awarding ceremony, bestowing the INTERNATIONAL MUSIC AWARD ‘FOLK MUSIC AWARD-2022’ . A master class according to a timetable
07/09/2022 – Leisure time
08/09/2022 – Check-out. Setting off for home

The price of the programme includes: accommodation at hotels for 5 nights ( breakfast), participation in the INTERNATIONAL MUSIC AWARD and the contest ‘FOLK MUSIC AWARD – 2022’, a visit to the Botanical Garden, a master class, a dance party, an excursion to Varna, souvenirs
PACKAGE 1 - 25 euros. The cost of the program includes: participation in the INTERNATIONAL MUSIC PRIZE and the FOLK MUSIC -2022 competition, master classes PACKAGE 2 - 165 euros - The price of the program includes: accommodation for 2-3 local accommodation - 4 nights, meals, breakfasts, excursion to the botanical garden, wine tasting, participation in the international music award and competition, disco, master classes PACKAGE 3 - ON REQUEST ACCORDING TO YOUR WISHES.
There will be a voluntary excursion to Cape Kaliakra, which will cost 10 euro, and another one to Nessebar – 25 euro.
You must register at https://talents21.org/
our phones: +35952918250; Viber/WhatsApp +359895112614 (русский язык)
our page facebook - https://www.facebook.com/natalia.talents21
e.mail – talents21@yahoo.com