1. General provisions for the competition
1.1. This provision of the international painting competition ‘I Draw en Plein Air’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Provision’) defines the procedures on holding the children’s painting competition (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Competition’), its organisational and methodical provision of funds, the procedure to participate in the competition and the procedure to determine the participants that will be awarded and the winners.
1.2. The organisers of the competition (hereinafter referred to as the Orgaisers) are:
- International Centre ‘Talents of the 21st Century’. City of Varna. Bulgaria
- Tatrzańska Agencja Rozwoju, Promocji i Kultury (Tatrzanska Agency for Development and Culture in Zakopane, Poland).
- Culture Agency of Sports and Tourism ‘Barvy Europe’. Poland.
- Art Gallery, town of Balchik. Bulgaria.
- Open-air Museum of Architecture ‘Etar’, town of Gabrovo. Bulgaria
1.3. The competition assignment is defined in this Regulation.
1.4. Participation in the competition is voluntary. Participants have to pay the cost of accommodation, meals and the registration fee.
2. Objectives and tasks of the competition
2.1. The competition is organised and will be held as part of the ‘Talents of the 21st Century’ Art Project and is devoted to culture, architecture, traditions, literature, visual culture, its integration and popularisation. The topic shall be defined by the country holding the international painting workshop – the first phase of the competition is open to all applicants.
2.2. Main objectives of the competition
- to preserve the universal human values and the dialogue between cultures.
- development of a system of relationships between schools, studios and organisations about art education and cultivation among children and young people from different countries.
- Maintaining the traditions of plein air painting, which is based on thorough understanding of nature and culture
- Creating a platform for the exchange of ideas and techniques about the teaching of art.
- Searching for talented children and art teachers.
- Giving children information about the history and culture of the country that organizes the workshop.
3. Organisational and informational provision of the competition
3.1. Organisational committee of the competition:
- determines the rules and the terms of the competition;
- develops and approves of the assignments of the competition;
- develops assessment criteria about the completed assignments at every stage of the competition.
- ensures the organisation and conducting of the competition;
- defines the composition of the jury of the competition;
- defines quotes for awarded competitors and the winners;
- approves of the list of awarded participants and winners in the competition;
-confers prizes to the awarded participants and the winners in the competition
-performs other functions in compliance with the regulations of the competition
3.2. Organisers are in charge of the joint co-ordination of the organisational and methodical provision of the Competition, the processing of personal data of the participants in the Competition, the conferral of prizes to the winners and the participants that have been awarded in the Competition, the order, the storage and the reporting of the forms of the Certificates and Diplomas, their fulfilment and conferral to the winners and awarded participants.
3.3 The information about the Competition, the procedure related to the application, the winners and prize winners is open and published on the official website of the Centre, as well as on the websites of the Partners.
3.4. The organisers do not bear responsibility for false information about the Competition, which has been unofficially received.
4. Procedure of organising and conducting the Competition
4.1. The participants are divided into three age categories
 participants aged between 7 and 10;
 participants aged between 10 and 13;
 participants aged between 13 and 15;
 participants aged between 15 and 17;
 participants aged between 17 and 22.
 participants aged above 22
4.2. The Competition will be conducted in two stages:
- The first stage is a plein en practice connected with the country where the plein air takes place, its landscapes, museums, parks, reserves, architectural monuments.
The plein air will be held on the following dates:

11/06/2021-18/06/2021 (8 days) town of Balchik, Bulgaria
19/06/2021-26/06/2021 (8 days) town of Balchik, Bulgaria
03/07/2021-10/07/2021 (8 days) town of Balchik, Bulgaria
11/07/2021-18/07/2021 (8 days) town of Balchik, Bulgaria
18/07/2021-25/07/2021 (8 days) town of Balchik, Bulgaria
25/07/2021-01/08/2021 (8 days) town of Balchik, Bulgaria

At the end of each plein air practice, representatives of the jury, along with the teachers of the participants from different countries select (recommend) works that will participate in the International Competition ‘I Draw En Plein Air’
- The second part is applying for the competition with works in an electronic form. Participants must send works created during the plein air and recommended to participate in the competition.
4.3. Suitable images of paintings (digital photos), colour printed on paper, canvas, cardboard and sized A4-A1, by means of any kind of technical equipment and any means of making, will be accepted in the competition.
4.4. The Competition will not accept works made as collages and appliqués, as well as works, which are made entirely or partially by computer programmes for graphic modelling and design.
4.5 The paintings must be drawn without the direct help of parents and teachers, and each work must be signed: family name, first name, participant’s age, telephone number and the three names of one of the parents (legal representatives), country, city of residence and education institution.
4.6 The works submitted in the competition must comply with the defined limitations of the format. The painting can be sent in an electronic form in JPG format. The size of the graphic file must not exceed 3 MB.
4.7. When submitting a work in the competition, one of the legal representatives of a participant, aged below 14, shall agree to the terms of the competition, which are stated in the Regulations, and also shall give his/her consent to the following:
- a possible publication of the drawings on the corporate websites of the Organizers;
- a possible publication of the drawings in online and print editions of mass media;
- the use of drawings by the Organizers for the sake of making internal reports;
- the use of drawings in print and advertising materials of the Organisers.
4.8. Each participant in the competition must submit no more than 2 (two) works.
5. Awards of the Competition
5.1. Within the framework of the Competition, the winners will receive the following awards: the authors of the best three works from each age group (9 in total), acknowledged as winners by the jury of the Competition, will be awarded with certificates and prizes. The remaining participants will receive diplomas for their participation in the competition.
6. Procedure, deadline and place of submitting works in the competition. In order to participate in the competition, you must:
6.1. Participate in the first stage of the plein air as part of a group from a school, studio, association or university, or as an individual participant.
6.2. Send your work to the Organiser via e-mail to, entitled ‘Competition for a Children’s Drawing’, A4-size paintings must be scanned. Other sizes are acceptable if their quality is high.
Works that strictly comply with the following technical requirements will be accepted in the competition:
 JPEG format of the image;
 24-bit colour image with a resolution of 150 to 300 dpi;
- image resolution- not more than 700 pixels;
Image size not more than 3 Mb.
6.3. The selected (recommended) works during the first round have a priority during the assessment by the jury.
6.4. Works that do not comply with the topic of the competition or the requirements under the regulations have no right to participate in the competition and will not be considered.
6.5. Works will be accepted in the competition only if there is a copy of them (a scanned copy, an image) signed by the legal representative of the participant in the competition.
7. Jury of the competition
7.1. The organiser of the competition selects and approves of the composition of the jury of the competition.
7.2. The jury consists of at least 5 people.
7.3 The jury assesses the Works submitted by the participants in the Competition and determines the winners.
7.4. The results of the competition are documented in a protocol, which is signed by the members of the jury.

8. Procedure and criteria for the selection of a winner and awarded participants.
8.1. The criteria for the choice of winners in the competition are: compliance with the topic and originality of Works.
8.2.The members of the Competition’s jury determine the winners at special working meetings, as well as by means of online voting on the corporate website during the nomination ’Audience Award’.
9. Summary
9.1 After the results of the competition, the organisers hold exhibitions in culture institutions, diplomatic institutions, online exhibitions.
10. Rewarding of the winners of the competition
10.1. The awards are conferred to the winners after a generalisation of the results.
10.2. 1st level laureates (one laureate per each age category) receive a certificate to participate for free (for 2 people) in the events that are part of the Art Project ‘Talents of the 21st century’ in the town of Balchik, Bulgaria, in 2022.
10.3. All participants receive diplomas of 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree and a ‘Graduating Student’. The 2nd and 3rd level winners receive a certificate for participation in projects in 2022 with a discount of 50% and 30% respectively of the total cost.
10.4. All participants receive gifts from the competition’s sponsors.
10.5. As part of the international co-operation, the winners’ works are envisaged to be exhibited in cultural centres in Bulgaria and Poland, which are connected with the embassies of the participating countries.
11. Legal information
11.1. By sending their works to the Competition, the Participants grant the organisers and Official partners a non-exclusive right to freely publish the submitted works, all of them or a part of them, in commercial and non-commercial publications (Internet sites, print and online publications and postal cards, via written or informational or other ways of sending, to be used in broadcasting television programmes and other media, on condition that the name is indicated close to the work (in the form which the Participant has indicated in the questionnaire that has been sent to them).
11.3. The organisers are not held responsible for errors in computer systems, equipment, software, network programmes and other errors, troubles of any kind caused by human or technical factors, which appear during the submission and receipt of the questionnaires.
11.4. The submission of works in the Competition is a confirmation that the participant is acquainted with these Regulations and agrees to observe the procedure and the terms of the Competition.

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