II International Creative Theatre Workshop


II International Creative Theatre Workshop

02.07.2022-09.07.2022 BULGARIA,BALCHIK

● presentation of creative ideas
● a great amount of valuable information
● Different master classes, authors’ practical training classes, flash mobs by the best experts from different countries
● an important feature of this workshop is the blitz performance
● the audience votes
● individual work with each participant
● an indoor repetition hall, cinema, open-air stage
● topical dance parties
Objectives and Tasks
● The main objective is the presentation of creative achievements of theatre-oriented artistic groups and soloists from different countries:
● attracting leading art and culture figures from the participating countries to scientific work, their integration in the international creative process.
● creating a healthy rival atmosphere between artistic groups and talented people,
● promoting national schools focused on the theatrical aspect of creativity
● creating conditions for professional communication in joint creative projects,
● improving the aesthetic level of creative products,
● productive exchange of creative experience
● improving health
Participants in the Workshop
●theatre groups and soloists from different spheres: drama theatres, modern theatres, musical, folklore and plastic theatres, dance theatres and others.
● Age of the participants – no limitations.
Requirements about the Programme
● The theatres present their stage work, its plot must be complete in terms of composition and must be no longer than 30 minutes.
● With regard to the modern theatres - a standard fashion show can take place (up to 4 collections), in addition to the performances and other dramatic, plastic, music shows, which are based on the demonstration of authors’ collections of clothes.

Experts’ Council of the Workshop
● The experts’ council consists of popular specialists in different spheres, who have been invited. The list of experts and invited guests is prepared by the organisational committee on the basis of the applications submitted by the participants.
Rights and Duties of the Participants in the Workshop
●Participants must provide a special equipment (pyrotechnics, additional light effects and others) of their own and after talks with the Organisational Committee.
● Each participant in the workshop bears full responsibility for the safety of the equipment, which is used during the workshop events.
● Audio and video recordings of creative theatre workshop events are not allowed without the organisers’ permission.
Assessment Criteria
● Artistic level of performance, presentations: correspondence of the music, plastic means of expression, content, entirety of the composition, unified concept complying with the age of the performers.
● Performance skills: training level, technical skills, expressiveness of actors
● Stage costumes and scenography
● Regarding modern theatres – costume design, concept and aesthetics of the collection.
● The winners in the creative theatre workshop are awarded with diplomas and souvenirs, receive a permanent official status of laureates of the international creative theatre workshop.
● The participants in the workshop are awarded with certificates and souvenirs.
In addition, the participants in the workshop receive certificates of participants in master classes.
Description of the Organisation of the Workshop Events
The workshop participants, the creative teams and soloists from different theatre genres will be divided into subgroups of 20-30 people with a view to their participation in master classes. Creative workshops, training, rehearsals. The programme and the timetable of all workshop events are defined, thus none of the workshop participants will be neglected but will be able to participate in all workshop events.
It is guaranteed that each participant will be approached individually because of the special way in which the creative training and theatre workshops will be conducted (such trainings and theatre workshops suggest that there is always an individual work with the participants).
A distinguishing feature of such a creative workshop is that each team or soloist can present their entire show to the experts’ council, in terms of time. According to the regulations, such performances last up to30 minutes.
After all creative works, shows are over, the experts’ council selects the best moments of the teams’ and soloists’ presentations, and then the director of the workshop fits together these episodes into a collective blitz show or a theatre concert, which, after a rehearsal, is presented to the audience at the end of the workshop.
If you want to join the creative theatre workshop, please, submit an application via an e-mail to the organisational committee until 10/05/2022.
Financial Terms
Price of the programme:
PACKAGE 1 : 80 euros. The price includes participation in a creative theatrical plein air. PACKAGE 2 : 255 euros. The price includes: Accommodation for 7 nights, meals, breakfasts and dinners, excursion to the Botanical Garden, wine tasting, master classes, participation in the plein air, souvenirs, disco PACKAGE 3: ON REQUEST ACCORDING TO YOUR WISHES

Data about the payment is sent after a confirmation of the application.
- Approval of the application is considered to be final after the payment of 50% of the price of the programme no later than 10/05/2021. The remaining sum – no later than 2 weeks before the departure for the workshop.
*If you apply without paying, your application will be annulled and we will register other participants.
If you cancel your application 1 month before the beginning of the workshop, you can get all your money back.
If you cancel it later than 4 weeks before the beginning, the organisers have the right of not refunding the cost paid.

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